Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ernie, we are praying for you

Ernie needs a bypass surgery. He has been having chest pains for a couple weeks, and some tests came out showing he needed some medical attention. We are praying for him to be able to get into a place that will give him the proceedure without insurance.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday, It's a 5.8 Earthquake

Yeeha! The long awaited shaker has finally hit. All my friends on the east coast wondered about my sanity in wanting to move to an earthquake zone. It was not bad at all. In fact, this brought back to mind my Guam days. Now that was an earthquake!

This one hit at 11:42 am while I was working on my computer. I thought this was unusual since in Guam we could hear it. It sounded like a semi-truck passing on the highway. There was no sound, just my table started swaying, then my walls. I put out my hand thinking to hold up the book shelf then reminded myself to run outside. I stood in the doorway not wanting to run under the swaying cement stairs. Soon it was over and Steve called to be assured all was well on the home front.

Amy, my friend from Texas, called to make sure all was well. She is our sweet newly wed. She and David had a great time on their honeymoon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Fernando

Happy Birthday, Fernando--July 27, O Ancient of Days, (only 31)!
Saturday morning, Jenny, Monique and I started our day with a Denny's Breakfast. Next, we hit Top Value grocery, then spit forces to finish miscellaneous errands to meet again at Gwen's for the big surprise birthday party. Des and Stephanie helped us move the table 9 times, right Stephanie? Monique picked a Dodgers baseball theme. Gwen ordered blue and white balloons and they were just the right touch for color and festiveness. Kristina helped us find where everything was kept. We had lots of fun and thrilling laughs while debating how to decorate and where to put things.

I made a baseball cake. First cake I made in California, haven't done that in a long time. Fernando learned a new skill...blowing out the candles by clapping his hands. We let him practice lots of times.

Jenny created a fabulous macaroni salad that Neil described enthusiastically as being perfect. Monique whipped up the recipe of Debera's cowboy beans since she was not able to come to the party. We missed you, Debera.Raffi brought Fernando to the house after the Men Discipling Men conference. He actually surprised us when he walked in, we had to sneak into the back yard and get everyone into the house. Fernando finally asked his niece, "What are you doing here?" After which, we all yelled "Happy Birthday!" Glen grilled hotdogs and hamburgers with Dan's assistance. Great job to everyone!

One guest framed Fernando's salvation testimony that Monique secretly sent back from several weeks ago when he was baptised. That was really special. She even gift wrapped the present with a special knot representing the Trinity. Fernando wore it around his neck, putting on the Holy Spirit. =0) Steve and I got him an icecream maker. Remember the rule? Always give a gift you would like to get yourself.

Thank you everyone for such a great gathering.

Friday, July 25, 2008


July 11, 12 - Trip to Sacramento. After almost five years, I was gifted to see Susan. What a blessing she is to me. We spent Saturday and Sunday chatting and catching up from our Guam days. God has led her on such a grand adventure. She is growing and learning and in love with Jesus. I was so blessed to stay at her cute apartment.

Steve hung out with his mom and brother, Ronnie. After the men dropped off Mom Tao in San Fran for her flight back to Guam, Susan and I met up them Sunday afternoon for Korean BBQ. I only wish we could have spent more time together. Thanks Susan for the great choice of restaurant.

Amy's Wedding

Hanging with girlfriends is so sweet! What great laughs and fun we had, BJU girls united. Becky, Val, Amy and I had super fun times over the July 4th weekend. Amy looked fabulous! We had a hoot getting her honeymoon helpers, as well as a super pretty blouse for the trip.

We would love to do it again! How about that cruise to Alaska?

Becky and I were assisting the grim kitchen ladies with the cake cutting. The cake was super moist, and Amy had carrot, chocolate, and the traditional white. I tried a bit of each. Really good!
I enjoyed cutting huge slices of moist white cake for the attendees. What fun we had!
We managed to snap a couple of fun pics sampling the punch before the grim kitchen lady had enough of such nonsence.

Here Becky is attempting an Olympic Swan dive.

Aunt Nancy suspected that the grim kitchen lady secretly had an addiction and was worried that we were going to dint her stash of wedding punch! Aunt Nancy was convinced that the grim kitchen lady was going to tilt down the whole punch bowl of wedding juice, with a little added spice...

Amy's dress was champayne and off white, very flattering and stylish. Her hair was totally princess. The bridesmaids had beautiful red dresses. I am so glad she went with the red, it makes for much better pictures than the black in my humble opinion. This is David lovely sister.
Naughty hubby David was trying to sample the buxom bosom of his fair bride before the honeymoon. Ames caught his mischief in the nick of time. They are so well suited to each other.