Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Church Nursery Crier

Ah, back to my pre-mommy days when in my heart while working in the nursery I said to myself, "At least my kid will not be a crier when I check him into nursery..." Ah the foolish things we say to ourselves. Yes, indeed, my son is the crier. Each Sunday he lets us know that he is still not thankful to be going into nursery. I am thankful for the joyful FaithBuilder group who lovingly care for him each week.

I am reading The Faithful Parent by Martha Peace and Stuart Scott. A quote I can feel the pain of right now... "Our children are often one of the main means that God uses to show us our sin and mold us more and more into his likeness." pg 6&7

"We know [when we are being faithful] it when we are seeking to live habitually according to God's Word." pg6

Another great aspect of this book is that it continually repeats the previous points in the chapter then gives out the next one. For a slow learning mommy brain like mine, who can scarcely remember her name, this is a great aspect for reminding me what I was just supposed to have noticed while I was reading. It also summarizes the main points in a "concluding" paragraph. It also uses Bold Titles for paragraphs which I also find fabulous, as you never know when you need to put the book down and save your little climbers life and limb.

This week I got a new pair of shoes called the Shapers by Sketchers. They are like walking in soft sand, and from the two walks I have taken I am feeling the burn. I also climbed the mountain at Culver City Park...a little stretch for the title mountain but needless to say I could feel the burn!

I also had to get my third tube for my bob stroller thanks to an amazing creation with tons of names but I am going with goathead thorn or devil pricker. The amazing little spine punctures a tire with almost no effort and then happily clicks each time the wheel makes a revolution to let you know you are in serious trouble. The little hole leaks air quickly and efficiently.

Deanna is coming soon and we are absolutely delighted to have her finally visit us. We have been waiting for almost 2 years for her arrival. I can't wait!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trusting God

Wow, yesterday was a huge whirlwind, but needless to say, I saw God work in ways I in weak faith did not expect. My nephews are back with my parents, and hopefully we will continue to be grateful for God's sovereignty in all things.

BT is 15 months old. He is really expanding his vocab at a breakneck speed. He is jogging around touching everything. He is climbing on anything he can pull his chubby little legs onto, and shepherding his heart is in full swing. He will even obey, but with an evil attitude that his father taught him. --just kidding. No instruction is needed for his little sinful nature. He flashes his eyes and chucks the item he is holding to let me know that he is not pleased to have to obey.

He is still obsessed with trucks and especially wheels. His dad just bought him a Tonka truck with flashing lights and a towing rope that cranks up and down. Each day he drags it to where ever I am to explain some aspect of the truck to me. Then he brings the legos, then the alphabet train, pretty soon I have a large pile of toys that I can play with at my fingertips.

I am also really proud, in a good way, of the craft I made. I have wanted to make felt food to encourage imaginative play and to give away as gifts. I made a felt fish that changes to a sushi. So totally cool. Ok, I will admit it, the sewing is a little shoddy, but it was really enjoyable. It took me way longer to finish that the 1.5 hr. suggested time. I still have to get some eyes for the thing.

I also picked up pics of baby and BT. They are so precious. Watching this little tiger grow is such a blessing! We can't wait for the rest of the passel.