Friday, November 7, 2008

A Dancing Walnut

Yesterday Steve and I went to the doctor to have a four week checkup for BT. He is 11 weeks. The midwife was ready to perform the ultrasound and BT was hiding way in the back of my womb. She grabbed my belly and gave it a good shake and what do you know. Our BT blob started dancing. Expectantly, the midwife, her name is LaTonya, looked at us as she explained the head and torso. I am looking hard but I can't see anything that resembles a head or torso. But Steve decides to play the game.
"So that is the head?" he says doubtfully pointing to the screen.
"No, that is the butt and torso." LaTonya patiently replies.
"And that is his leg?"
"No, that is his arm. See it tucked in the back there?"
I am still in the dark that it is even a person. I can see his little heart beating and we did get to listen to the heart beat 150 times a minute. I could obviously see him jumping around as he kicked and waved his tiny arms but which was which, I can't say.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today Steve and I went to vote at the middle school. We had to wait 50 minutes to vote due to the great number of people. I was laughing at how proud people look to get that little sticker..."I voted".

In front of us, two people quietly discussed their postions. The older gentleman did not want to pay the promised taxes of Obama. The lady argued McCain would also raise taxes. Proposition 8 also came up. This is Yes, to say no to gay marriage. The lady argued that all people have rights. The man did not agree to the term marriage. If they called it something else he might not have had a such difficulty with it. To Steve and I it was interesting to hear such thoughts flying freely.

People of every color and stripe were there, and that made us feel happy to see America at its best. And older lady, immigrant of European descent, was so happy to be voting for the first time. The African American poll worker shouted out, "Well, we are so happy to have you here." An Asian woman shyly passed out voting chads, and a white woman looked up your name in the big book requiring your signature. Don't you just love America?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rain, we got rain!

If you don't live on the West Coast, except Seattle, this will not make sense to you. But this afternoon when we heard the unfamiliar sound of rain, we ran outside. Guess what? All my neighbor were outside too, laughing and making comments about how long it had been. One neighbor said, it sure is great all the neighbors can be outside for something besides a murder.

For a belated anniversary present Steve bought me this cool flower.

I am also including a lovely shot of my oregano plant.