Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three days

Three days until our official due date. No sign of a ready to come boy however.

Today, I sent my man to Costco with his bro to buy a new mattress. Well, guess what shiny-eyed, happy man brought back, mighty hunter that he is?

A new TV and no mattress. Now what does one say to that?

Monday, May 18, 2009

UCLA shower.

Baby Jonathan was celebrated at Steve's workplace. They graciously hosted a baby shower with an adorable cake and potluck. Then blessed us with giftcards to finish baby's room.

Cinco de Mayo, well actually the 2nd!

Where do I ever get the ideas? Don't know but we decided to give a go at celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I am so thankful for my Mexican friends, who saved the day with helping me prepare the food.

We had Tortilla soup, that I the next day realized I forgot to add the chicken, so it was more like tortilla broth...
Beans and Rice, thanks Monique and enchiladas thanks Desiree and Monique. Stephanie made a cake and frosted it herself. Fernando wrestled up a gorgeous, artfully arranged salad.

We played animal uno, you must be there to fully appreciate the humor and M&M exchange. I think Fernando gave us a memory that we will never forget. I will never look at a blue M&Ms the same way. I found blue M&M juice for days after our party. I do wonder if he still likes M&Ms.