Monday, November 29, 2010

18 months, how can it be?

Yes, It is 18 months to the day since little BT entered our lives. We are blessed more than we can count. No word is safe from his vocabulary! He repeats all that he hears.

He just discovered that pens, pencils and crayon make marks, so this is a whole new game. I am purposefully holding back on markers. He is also checking out the paintbrushes I bought at a garage sale as well as sidewalk chalk. He loves the way the chalk makes a clunking sound when it hits other pieces of chalk.

Uncle Ronnie came by to see BT and brought a girl along. BT loved the attention and the adorable backpack wheely case with the monkey on the front. Too cool! We went to the hometown chinese restaurant and "Aunt Helen" the head waitress took BT to see the euye...(fish) in the giagantic fish tank.

Thankful for my family, sanctifying hubby, delightful son, and my sisters. We had such a fun time at Cathy and Keni's this year. We love cousin Frankie and Uncle Edgar. That is such a fun name to say, right BT? Uncle Edgar taught us a great new game that was so funny and silly. We also played Skipbo to think of Grandma Wanda. We love and miss her and called her to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Christian Family, bargains

My dear sisters broke down on the way to Michigan, and what shall we say but our friends the Taylors live but an hour away. In all this drama it has been quite lovely to know the Taylors are willing to help if the sisters need help. God is good all the time.

Today we had such fun yard sale shopping. I found great little tonka trucks for BT. However, he is leeking a selfish heart. He quite insisted that he not share with Frankie. We had to keep insisting that he do. We shall see about tomorrow. More bargains to be had on the morrow.

The Sisters are Off

LOL, that could be taken in two ways... I think I may mean them both. Carol and Cindy are off for Michigan via the Grand Canyon. Cindy has never been before. Carol packed up each inch of her vehicle, and no opening the back door, drivers side. I think Cindy may have to sit on her left hip with no moving her feet which may be wedged between bags of things. I am impressed, cause if I tried to move I would most likely need a full sized semi truck with the additional wedging also

What fun we have had with the sisterhood. It is fun chatting and laughing. I got to go shopping by myself, got my hair done, and then we got our pictures done at pennies. What a hoot! Some great photos indeed.

We ate out at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant. Jonathan did not enjoy the food. His Chinese stomach rebelled against the fried beans and spicy chicken. I however was grateful for the fun food.

Tomorrow we go to hunt for bargains at yard sales.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Phoenix with

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't cry over spilled

Don't cry over spilled rice, yeah, I know it is usually milk. But in my case it was bulk rice. You do know that if one grain makes the leap he convinces lots of other grains to follow. Soon a large herd of rice will pile and spread across your floor. You will keep finding rice for days. I am thankful that my little man was napping, otherwise, that would have been totally up his alley to make up a fun game of rice rummaging.

More toddler news....

Today BT was downstairs and periodically he would call out to me, "Eh?". I answer, "Yes, baby." Then it was quiet, really, really quiet. I zipped downstairs to find my climbing monkey standing on a chair next to the table tasting peanuts, yogurt covered raisins and raisins then spitting them out when the favor was gone. Also he had been putting Mini moo creamers into his mouth and trying to suck out the milk. He had a nice orderly system and grouping of the already been sucked creamers...

Today was also the day I gave him a hair cut. Not too bad considering his mama did it.=0) If you look closely you will find a couple of crooked places where either he moved or his barber is shabby.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween with the Rios

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year! We delighted in the cool weather, the gorgeous leaves, fun with friends and costumes.

Friday was another doc visit and shots and a blood test for Lead. BT did not cry for the first one, the second one he checked to see if he should be crying, and the last one, which the nurse said was the most painful he took a shakey breathe, waited a long time, then sobbed with his whole heart!

Friday nite was a hoot at the YMCA seeing lots of little people dressed up. BT went dressed as an elephant. Sometimes he liked it, and at other times he did not... The Y had an old fashioned shadow puppet show. Kind of slow for our kiddies of this day and age.

Saturday we visited the LA Zoo. What a blast! It is so delightful to see BT point to animals and say the correct names of them.

Sunday was a Rios visit day. We had fun watching Mr. J and BT learning how to interact. We can see certain areas where BT needs shepherding. Things like obeying, and sharing, and NOT pushing, pulling, or otherwise terrorizing smaller monkeys. He loves, adores, is fasinated by cars, trucks, basically anything with wheels. Mr. J had a big car that really moves, but if you can believe it... he was scared of the thing. But fighting over the balloons was a favorite activity.

As soon as Mr. J is a bit bigger, Steve and I think he will be telling BT how things work, since he is a small but powerful personality, I am impressed that he is climbing already. BT tends to sit back and watch versus being a go-getter. Make no mistake, he has a true sin nature...which he demonstrated by knocking Mr. J down, and screaming when he did not get his way. Also he randomly bit a hole in the tablecloth???? I know, I have no idea what that was about! Hungry?A big congradulations on a great little Rios man, we can't wait until more of the Rios tribe gets here!

Monday went grocery shopping and then we went to Vet park. A friendly grandma swung BT for a while which he loved, then another gma corrected him on pushing her 2 and 1/2 yr old granddaughter off the steering wheel. Then Mexican grandma shared a ball and blue truck with him. So I guess today was grandma day.