Sunday, February 28, 2010

guy and his game

Do you know how guys are when they are trying to watch their game on TV? Well this evening we were watching the US vs. Canada hockey game. All day long BT has been trying to love and kiss on his one week old cousin. I had both of them on my lap and would you just laugh with me, while the game was playing my monster could not be bothered to notice that his cousin was on his lap, he was too focused on the game. He suddenly noticed afterward and could not shower her with enough hugs and kisses.

Cousin looks like her daddy with two deep dimples in her cheeks, and dark skin and hair; eyes are yet to be determined. She is slightly jaundiced, so hopefully that will clear up quickly. My sister calls her little turtle as she stetches out her neck like a little turtle. She slept most of today so I imagine they will be awake all nite.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Nixon

Oh how sweet to hold a new born baby. My newest niece has arrived. She will be coming home tomorrow. I can't wait for Jonathan to see her and watch how he reacts. He loves babies. I thought she looks like her daddy. I could not see much of Keni in her, but she is still swollen and misshappen.

BT now stands up in the crib, yesterday he fell asleep collapsed upright against the bars of the crib since he had been crying until he could take it anymore and just tuckered out and crashed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

BT and swimming

BT loves swim class. He loves being on a little platform with the other babies. However, there is a point that he adamently only does under duress. Swimming from one platform to the other. The platform is called the castle. I guide him gently by only holding the back of his neck. He is supposed to put out his hands and kick to the other castle. He starts by looking me in the eye, I blow in his face, then we are off. He now refuses to look me in the eye if he does not want to go. He has also started screaming. I can't have him go until he stops since his mouth is open and he swallows water instead of holds his breath. Smart little tiger. I still make him do it by grabbing his little face so he has to look at me. So guess what, he now closes his eyes.

I took him to get his Chinese new year picture yesterday at JC Penney Studio. He looked so adorable in the little outfit that his Nei nei got for him. They got some great shots.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sosi comes for a visit

Sosi came over for a fun time last night. She literally ran circles around BT, bless his heart. They both love reading books, brushing their teeth, and climbing stairs, and baths. Sosi has a book that I inadvertently skipped a page while reading it to her, and she evidently has it memorized, because she made me go back and read the page with the boy on the train. She brought me other books to read her. She pretended to listen to me reading the other books, but she was really enamored of her book. She also has a singing toothbrush that she wanted played again and again, only she says "open" instead of "on". It took me a while to figure out I only needed to push the button to start the music and I did not need to open anything.

Another funny Sosi story: Sosi was eating shell pasta for dinner. Some of the pasta had vegetables inside the shells. Sosi carefully checked each shell before eating it. If it had a vege inside she scraped it out and then gobbled it down. Kids can find veges anywhere and eliminate them.

Jonathan had a great tiume at the park! We try to go every day.
Steve got me these gorgeous mums for Valentines Day and Chinese New Years. We had dumplings one night and our favorite, Hot Pot! For V-Day we went to Korean BBQ.

Ok, BT can't even walk yet, but he can climb.Today he was standing on the train clinging to the chair so proudly. Scared us to death. Did I mention climbing? Daddy bought a stairway gate so the free stair game is about over.
We ruin all his fun!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Books books books

Baby Tao is sporting a stylish basket on his head.

Did I mention

Baby Tao just loves those books. This is one of his new favorites. Dr. Suess, Mr. Brown can moo like a cow. His favorite part is the "BOOM BOOM BOOM" thunder page. He likes loud noises. I think he likes to be startled too. Last evening we went to the library and he crawled to the stacks, pulled himself up, studied the options, then got busy systematically pulling out the books. He would look over the cover then pull out the next one. None of those seemed to meet his criteria. He managed to empty two whole sections of the shelf in about 20 seconds. He did find a bright silver line separator that he seemed to look at himself, dance around, suck on, bang loudly, and generally act very non-library like. We laugh alot when we are around him. I called him a pole dancer, but papa bear did not find that humorous.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two small teeth and ready to crawl

This last week was a big week for Jonathan. He learned and mastered the skill of crawling. There is nowhere in our living room he cannot reach. It was so cute to see him lift up his rear end and move along.

After many sleepless nights, two teeth finally got out for his lower gum last week. It seems like there are some more coming in his upper gum. He is so proud of them.