Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a baby

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Everyday we take at least one picture of Baby Tao. Saturday I lost the camera which had 7 days pictures on it. Yep, I was not the Loved Ones favorite wife anymore. One of the neighbors found it and returned it thru Christian, our nice landlord. We are very thankful. And I now have more highly favored wife status again.

Labor Day was not labor free. We helped the Rios pack for the big move. That was so fun. BT did a great job. Saturday is the big move day. We will most likely have a slumber party at their place Friday night. Won't that be fun?

Today BT helped me turn a page of a book I was reading to him. I laughed with delight.

Everything is now heading toward his mouth. He is chewing heartily on those gums. I am going to go look for the vibrating star which we tried out at the YMCA. He seemed to really like it and it soothed him. His friend Hunter also really liked it.

I went to help Patricia set up her classroom so Steve, who had a day of furlough, offered to watch baby for me. He was supposed to take BT to sing and sign class at the Y at 9:45 am. When I called to check how things were going and to let them know I was on my way home he had quite a tale to tell about why he did not take baby to class.

"I started to get baby ready at 9:15 am by putting him on our bed to put on his socks, when I heard the runny gushy sound--baby poop. After I finished putting on one sock, I got to suspecting that it had leaked thru. I picked him up to check. Yep, it sure had. And it a tiny bit had also flowed onto the quilt. I said to myself, I am going to change him downstairs where the paper towels are available. We went to baby's room to grab a diaper since we had run out downstairs. So we went downstairs, I put down a papertowel, then baby, then I removed the soiled diaper.

Before I had completely removed his overflowing diaper, to my horror, BT continued to gush baby poop. Since his old diaper was about half off, I was in the process of wiping his bum when another big gush happened. Eewwww! It was now all over my hand. I was totally disgusted. And that was my big mistake. I assumed he was done with the show. I grabbed the soiled diaper with all of the nasty wipes to throw it away and wash my hand. I left him bare-bummed on a papertowel since my hand was nasty and I could not put on the new diaper without messing it up. When I turned around he continued to spew forth baby poop as well finishing the show with a pee fountain. He completed this show with an evil grin. He had succeeded in soiling the outside of his new diaper as well, not to mention the blanket under him and his clothes. Finally he was clean and diapered and I went to find a new outfit. Wouldn't you know I picked the one with the small neck that I think might hurt him when I put it on. Needless to say, by the time I finished with BT, baby class was already over."

I told him he could have just said, "I did not feel like taking him today." It would have been much easier, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chubby bunny

Our Baby Tao is getting super chubby. He is starting to wear his adorable shoe collection.
He is also starting to grab anything within his tiny grasp.

How about some slimey drool?

Baby Tao can fall asleep in a second, even still holding a toy.

What a baby

OK, score for napping...Round one, baby cried for 20 minutes. I got him up to calm him, he laughed and giggled and broke my heart that I had to put him down again. Round two he cried and cried until finally at the 19 minute mark after fits and starts he was asleep. When I went up to check on him, he had shimmied to the top of his bed and wrested off the miracle blacket.

Today he was just crabby. When I went to sing and sign class he fussed and whined which he hasn't done before, and when I went to work out the child care woman had to come and get me since he was so irritable. Must be one of those days.

I did get my kitchen floor clean during that crying though.