Monday, June 15, 2009

First milestones

BT is holding up his head. Yes, it is very wobbly but still he is trying. He crosses his arms when he is lying on my chest and then pushes up his head and then tries to look around.

Today his little umbilical cord fell off, and he has revealed his tiny belly button!

He also uses a pacifier, he is getting better at holding it in his mouth.

Mom and Dad came for a week. That was so wonderful. They were both so great with BT and offering me advise and affirmation that I am ok, and so is BT. Dad created a hide-a-bed for our guests in BT's rooms. We still need to paint it, but it is a great space saver.

His eyes are still dark gray-blue. I am expecting them to change to brown any day now.

Ok, I am so behind!

Baby Tao was born on May 29th at 8:51 pm. He weighed in at 9 lb and 6 oz and 22 inches long. Yep a big guy. His sholder was stuck and the midwife was able to grab him and yank him out! She is awesome, go LaTonya.

Baby is a good eater, sleeper and all the other things new borns do. He sleeps for four hours at night. What a blessing! We love him so much! Being a mom is a great delight. I try to treasure each second since everyone keeps telling me they grow so fast.

One of my favorite moments is after he eats and I burp him. He curls up on my chest and I rub his back and we both treasure being cuddly and close. There is nothing sweeter than that. I am so grateful for this opportunity to love this little man.