Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tiny tooth, All gone

Baby Tao has a tiny white fang peeping just thru the lower left gum. Not a tooth really but we are working really hard to get it out. All things must be tested by going into the mouth of the monster. He loves sucking on ice in a baggy, thank you Aunt Keni, great idea.

We met the Taos at a Restaurant, and our Baby put on a one man show. He must have had a really good nap, because he was so energetic and funny, we were almost rolling on the floor.He was holding court with the waitresses, with Nai nai, with the girl behind our table, with passersby, and his parents were amazed at this never before seen side of their boy.

We three are all that is left of our holiday visitors. Ye ye and Nai nai returned to Guam Monday morning. We will miss them. Uncle Ronnie returned Monday night, back to work for him.
Cathy and Laurel came for a short visit on Friday evening. I went out with them to a mystery dinner. We had such fun. None of guessed correctly on the who-done-it, but it was fabulous to meet people, laugh heartily, and Laurel got to go onstage. What a hoot! And the meal was pretty good too.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stand up and be counted

Ok, twice in one day is enough to be frightened. First, jr. stands up during nap time in his crib. Then he pulls himself up out of his bath. Yikes! Steve also got a fright. We will lower his crib shortly and try to figure out what to do about the bath. No rest for the weary.

Now that was a battle.

Just try to get that bag away from Jr.Baby Tao loves his highchair. He is eating really well, all 23 lbs of him.
Did I mention Nai nai helped Jonathan up and down the stairs? He could not stop smiling. You could tell he wanted to do it again, but she was fanning herself and panting, "Too hot!" she gasped.

Yep, BT and I just had a royal battle of wills. He did not wish to nap, I did wish for it. I won, sort of. . . scary thing is I went to the next room for about 30 seconds to pick up something and coming back I was dismayed to find him standing up in the crib, still screaming of course, but standing up! So tonight we have to move the level down. Way to go big boy.

He is loving swim class and looks too cute in the swim suit I got him.

Yesterday he managed to turn on his own mobile music. This is going way too fast, I can't keep up. He pretty much get where he really wants to. Yesterday I put him down to play while I worked on dinner. I looked up and was shocked not to see him. He had scooted to the otherside of the room.

BT thinks stuffed animals are real, and Joe can talk to him. He drools on them to show his affection. Eagle got him Winnie the Pooh, classic and Nei nei got him a sheep.

Random info for you: Cell phones hold up pretty well to drool-bathes. Babies always go for electronic equipment and cords. What did they go for before they had those, I wonder?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul Sobaje (almost)

Paul is now happily 34. Lauren was totatally terrific at hosting a surprise party for him. He had not a clue. Those are the best!

I made pioneer woman's sheet cake recipe and Libby's pumpkin roll. I have always wanted to try the pumpkin roll and had bought the ingredient before thanksgiving and then never got around to it. I even bought a new pan to make it. I think I can improve it with a little work.

This new year we are looking forward to baby swim class beginning this week and sing and sign again. We are beginning mom's club shortly with believing moms.

BT was sporting his new $8.00 shoes from the fashion district we visited yesterday. Nei nei also bought him a yappy little dog that I think we will need to make visit and forget at one of his friend's house, if you know what I mean???

Here are some pic of BT with Ye ye and Nei nei. Did I mention we popped in to see the rose parade floats. A BIG WOW! Really impressive.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nei nei and Ye ye, Christmas

Steve's parents are having such fun with Baby Tao. He has a special way of chattering with Nei nei, and Ye ye has his special games that he and baby Tao play together.

Uncle and Cousins were here for two weeks and just left at the beginning of the week. BT was overwelmed at first, but now he is always looking for people. He has a new way of demanding to be picked up and cared for that will need to be improved. Chinese people do not like for a baby to fuss or cry. Thankfully we had worked intensely on getting BT to fall asleep easily.

BT has been blessed with lots of toys. Cousins gave him a great alphabet train and a farm that he really likes. Sister Cindy sent some awesome ornaments of wisemen. We can't wait to put them up next year. We put up stockings but did not put anything in them, since we are not doing a gift exchange for adults. Gifts are for children in our Tao Christmas policy. I admit that I am delighted with this policy. It is a great way to enjoy the holiday for me. Sisters Cathy and Kendra also have gotten lots of gifts for the little man. Buying gifts for babies is a great honor! He did not really understand the ripping open gifts this year, maybe next year.

We still have the night time feedings and crying to work on but that is in our new years resolutions.

I must admit that the night time crying is the most difficult thing for me to deal with as I am not at my best at that time. How can say no to picking up that adorable bundle of chub...serious chub.

2010, the stuff of sci fi

Yep, did you think 2010 would ever come? I remember in highschool when 2010 sounds centuries away, and I wondered what I would be doing or if I would even be here to see it. I've been reflecting on what my life has brought and I am thankful for the place God has given me.

I have a great family. My hubby and precious baby are a daily delight.Baby Tao's name means "Gift of God." and he has lived up to it.

I have a serious church pursuing after holiness. My extended family if really fun and encouraging. My hubby's family has been good to get to know. I am learning new things like what Chinese people eat daily, hearing a new language, experiencing fun shopping expeditions, and dreaming of what 20 more years will bring. Do you even imagine Baby Tao will be in college and possibly his brothers or sisters? We may move to a new location or two. We could travel to other countries, participate in missions. Family may have kids, travel, or even pass away.

This reminds me to cherish, cherish, cherish today and this moment. I will never have it again. I fondly remember my college friend Stephanie. We were having a moment of laughing with tears rolling down our eyes in delight and she made us all stop and remember that moment. I will never forget it and furthermore, I often stop in the midst of a delightful moment and try to memorize how I feel, who I am with and what we are doing. I have enjoyed life richly.Baby Tao is playing with his first ornament.

I know this will sound like a bad joke, but how many degrees does it take to assemble a high chair? One phd, one ma, one bs, one ms... Or how many chinese does it take to assemble a made in china highchair?