Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pregnancy Complaint

Ok, that is it! I went out and bought some preg pants, cool looking jeans. Well this stretchy fabric is something, I think I need suspenders, with silky unders the jeans just keep slipping lower and lower. Good thing the shirts are so long, or I could be accused of a new profession. --Plumbing.

Speaking of plumbing, after returning last night around mid-night from our holiday trip to Sacramento, I noticed my bathtub was full of disgusting looking water. The plumber came today and snaked out the blockage and us four neighbors sharing a water pipe are relieved to take showers again. But snaking is really gross, everywhere I looked in my bathroom mysterious splatter appear on the floor, mirror, ceiling, sink, shower... trust me, I now have the cleanest bathroom in the complex. Nothing like a little motivation.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Avacado with Toenails

BT is now at 16 weeks. That means he is the size of an avacado. If you can believe this little avacodo is growing toenails. I think that is too cool, if this is a girl, think avacado with a pedicure. Isn't this fun? BT just for fun, pumps 25 quarts of blood each day.

BTM is doing great and BTF is laughing at BTM groaning at clothes that will not button.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Today I was excited to begin packing up some books. Early this morning Steve had brought me a large stack of boxes from the car that we had collected last night from church. Ok, I packed 5 boxes, but I am so discouraged. It doesn't look like I packed anything. This is going to take so many more boxes than I thought.

Friday, December 5, 2008

How a husband can earn big points...

Yesterday I was shopping at one of my least favorite stores. Yep, costco. Why do I dislike it? Too many people, too big of carts, to big of sizes, too large prices, too few parking spots...need I go on?

Yesterday I was pushing my mongo cart and was trying to get in a place out of the way of the hurrying masses. Well as I was trapped in a corner I just stopped to watch and listen to the passing people. One older lady, with hubby in tow, stopped to admire a reduced, 5 teacup set of Royal Alberts. Each delicate cup and saucer were a different pattern, gold rimmed and flowers. They were packaged in a lovely satin lined round box. It resembled a shallow hat box.

The woman commented about how lovely each pattern was, she ended her monologue with, "but what would I do with them?"

Super husband replied without missing a beat, "You could put them in your china hutch, and use them when you had ladies over for tea. They would look beautiful." They continued walking with their huge empty card.

Wow, that is some amazing training. I had to teach my man that when I comment on lovely things that I am just admiring them, I am not begging to bring them home. But this man knew enough that he could envision them at home, in the china hutch, and even how they could be used, and even that was not a threat. Not a threat to his manliness, his wallet, or his wife. Wow, what a great shopping companion.

How do you train for that?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home Alone

Today is Steve's first day back to work. So I am home alone. I am starting all those things that are best done alone, like emptying a closet, and sorting socks, and throwing away junk mail that accumulates in strange places. I am also packing for a move, so keep an eye out for boxes for me.

Yesterday, Steve and I got to watch Sosi. We had so much fun. She is super charming with her little smile and watchful eyes. We laughed when she let us know in no uncertain terms that something was not how mom and dad did things. Like playing with her toys...she did not want to be on her tummy (that was loudly expressed) and she really seemed to prefer to be sitting up. She loves her music toy and books get lots of frantic expression and hand slapping.

Steve walked her outside to get her to fall asleep. He was so mad when a loud truck headed his way concerned sleepy Sosi would wake up. I mean how dare a truck be on the road. He is going to be such a good dad. He is so patient and calm and loving. Thanks Sosi's parents for the fun time.

Monday, December 1, 2008


"And Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister..."

Over the week spent in Phoenix with my sisters Keni and Cathy we had such fun times. I laughed so hard I was sobbing.

We played games, like Phase 10, Pit, and Fart. We played by Grandma's rules which means you can change them, or add them as you go. We told stories, like Cathy's old boyfriends and Keni falling down the chimney. We cooked traditional recipes and new, Keni did most of the work. I made Gwen's sweet potato recipe and applesauce. I tried Grandma Wanda's Chocolate pie, but dad would have called it spoon fudge. Sorry Grandma, you always make it look so easy. I also made cinnamon rolls for the morning of Thanksgiving, but I did not use mom's recipe. Hers is too hard. I used the bread machine. I think they were pretty good.

Kendra invited Bill, a fellow nursing student, over for Thanksgiving dinner. He brought pictures and a projector to show fellow nursing students. Usually Keni was sleeping =0) or not looking too good.

Everyone except me and BT got up at 3 am on Black Friday to go shopping at Fry's electrical store. No luck getting the things they really wanted. The successful people had been there by 10pm the previous night. But my nephew Cameron made $20 on helping a lady purchase her things. Steve said he just loved watching all the people scurry around buying, buying, buying.
He didn't get anything.

Cameron came from El Centro and brounght a fellow navy guy, Cody. We had fun teasing them. He finally loosed up to tease us back.