Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guam friends visit LA

Ah, our dear Guam friends who will shortly be our dear Greek, Guam friends. The Traughts stopped on their way to Guam. What a dear family. The kids are lovely! This is my first time to meet the littlest man Jordan.

Nathan is 11 and I was his aunty in Guam. We used to put treats in the microwave for him to open the door and discover. Oh what fun days. And bro #2, he will always represent a miracle to me. I watched him come into the world. I think that was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw. I was supposed to helping Mommy with backrubs and encouragement, but I just sat there sobbing as I saw Stephens head and body pop out! I will be eternally grateful for Mommy sharing such a private and special moment.

Princess Leslie is cute as a button and a bubble of joy. All these little ones inspire me to continue to shepherd my little man's heart so he will be a blessing to those he meets.

Oh, and Kathy, the mother in law offered to come along to help pack up the place in Guam for the big move to Crete. This lady was a great inspiration to me and I only met her one time at the wedding. She taught me about something to look for in a hubby. She taught me about collecting collectables, ie...dust collectors, and she looks like the all American picture of a gorgeous grandma. She even brought me chocolate candy made by her sister-in-law and homemake sugar cookies. What a lovely woman. She is someone I would love to live near and learn from. While I was putting Jon to bed she even cleaned my kitchen, Wow! Can I get one of these?

Harvest Celebration

Thank you, Julie, for hosting a fun play group for the little people. I had a brainless moment and totally forgot BTs elephant costume. JJ graciously let BT wear a bumblebee outfit. He along with most others were tired and cranky and did not wish to wear such things.

Claire's gma made an amazing zebra costume. It was so adorable! It was a little top heavy with couch fringe as the mane. But so precious. My fellow moms are so talented with sewing I am amazed!

Jose was a pixie pink fairy. Noel was a duck that looked a lot like a chicken, but she insisted was a duck.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wide shoes

BT inherited my wide feet. Thankfully Nora was able to direct me to Payless shoes which carries wide shoes. We got two super cool pairs for the boy.

My sister, a die-hard garage sale queen, has been buying clothes for BT. So we have the next three sizes for under $75! What a blessing! Especially since I do not really like shopping.

Mrs. Sobaje suggested a video from Leap Frog, The Letter Factory. BT and his cousins after watching it one time have been making alphabet sounds. BT makes the "X" sound and finds the letter everywhere as there are eXit signs almost everywhere we go. Jack, jack told mom the letter M says "MMMMMMM!" The drawback to the film is the catchy songs stick in your head and randomly you will break into song as a sound or sight will trigger the "on" button for the song or sound. Since I left the three film set in Michigan I will need to get another from Target. It is a little over $20.

Home again.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig! Jon is adjusting to playing alone again after two solid weeks of playing, fighting, wrestling with cousins only slightly older than him.

Today Frankie will be coming from Phoenix for a couple of days. We are so excited to see her after not seeing her for several months. We will go to the zoo, swim class, sign class, and the park if it clears up!

Tried OMG Chicken from "Lost Recipes". Super flavor, but lots of work! Brought it to the Joki family to celebrate the birth of their new little son!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Packing, repacking, re repacking

Ok, Thursday we are back to LA. I hope the flight is as good going as coming.

Check out the family Tao band. We sound umm, well, how do you describe how we sound?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Steve in Hong Kong

Steve just emailed me that he has 17 students in his age group.

Michigan Adventures

What fun we are having!

We have been apple picking. The cousins and BT had a blast scampering about in the grass while we picked 9 bushels off apples. My mom makes the best applesauce and apple pie and apple slices and apple dumplings and you get the idea.

Jonathan saw real cows and horses and chickens and cats and dogs galore.

He is so excited to see tons of trucks and diggers and bulldozers and excavators and tipper trucks and semitrucks and delivery trucks and mailtrucks and the moon. He just loves to tells us he sees the moon. He sees the moon in books and over and over when he looks out the window...

Tonight we had music time with papa. He was so delighted to play a yukalale, a guitar, and a mandolin. His eyes lit up and his face just smiled and smiled. He laughed to say the names of the instruments and if you heard him you wouldn't have known what he said. But to him it was just magic. In fact when I tried to take it from him for night time rituals we had a bit of a protest on our hands. Loved that, DAD! If I learn to play just three chords I can play tons of songs like the ABCs and the Wheels on the bus and 100s of others. I have G and C down pretty good.

Tomorrow is Mom and Dads 50th anniversary party. As always my sister Cindy knows how to throw a party!

Tonight I hear a thunder storm! I love thunder storms, the energy is just electric! (pun intended).