Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The teething monster

Baby Tao is teething. Poor little tiger. This has got to be excruciating. He has three or four coming all at one time on top. He will look like a different little man once they are in.

I am looking for a stud. I have to find it to hang up a shelf in the closet and I drilled everywhere looking for one. Is it possible not to have a 2x4 in a closet? That seems unlikely, but it is a rental...I tried the banging method, then the drilling method, I am going to have to resort to borrowing a stud finder.

Hubster is walking like an old man since he hurt his back. How? Sneezing! Yep, some powerful sneezing, those. Made teething monster cry they were so loud.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Car

Yes, the Tao's have a new car. I will post pics soon. We got it on Sunday afternoon from the Moore family. Thanks Moores.

Baby Tao had his first fever last night. Yes, I learned much about what parents with sick children must suffer. Thankfully Tylenol saved the night. Looks like four tiny teeth are on the way this week.

What a fun baby I have. He started doing yoga on his own. He loves the lion his Ye-ye bought for him, he hugs and kisses it each day.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Master Story Teller

What is the secret to jokes and storytelling? Indeed there are many elements to successful tales, but one of the most important is timing. My dad has got to be a master. Even things that are not particularly funny are gut-splitting funny when my dad says them. In fact, he finds funny things and works out the perfect senario for the joke. Let me give you one example, while taking my mom out for Japanese for her birthday, my dad asked my good looking hubby if Chinese people use throw away chopsticks in China.

He replied, "Certainly, and they have cleverly learned how to repackage them". Ok, I have to admit that in super-sensitive to hygene America, the thought of second hand chopsticks is pretty gross to me. Any one interested in this business model? I mean I have reusable wooden ones and plastic ones that go in the dishwasher, but still, that is weird to me to have the cheap one reused.

Enough on my chopstick opinions...I was thankful for a washing machine at my nephews and decided that a grand finale washing before heading back to LA was in good order before I am back to the laundry mat living. I asked around if anyone had anything to wash. Everyone contributed a shirt or socks or unmentionable items for a last washing. I was loading the dark colored cloths and grabbed my dads sweatshirt. Guess what fell out of the sleeve? Yep, placed there especially for my entertainment.

--chop, chop! and good night! Now how shall I repackage them for my dad, it will definitely have to include ducktape. Dad and ducktape go way back. Last year for Christmas I bought him a roll 12 inches across. He brought it right over to the neighbors and told them to eat their hearts out he got the king of the tape!

Happy Birthday, Mom

Beautiful Blue Angels and Baby

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


BT today saw a line of cherios on the carpet. He suddenly became a vacuum and with head down, lips open, bum up he headed over to suck them up. He was so excited to have found them.

My dad showed him a recorder and BT grabbed it from him and figured out how to make a whistle sound. Next my dad tried to interest him in a harmonica. That was just too much for today, maybe tomorrow BT will pick up a tune and play that. =0)

Today the neighbor cat was interested enough in a bubble floating across the yard from BT's bubble time that it inadvertently allowed BT close enough to touch him. I think BT was so surprised that the cat was real, that he let the cat go before the cat damaged him. The owner wanted to see what would happen and I was thinking "your cat scratches my kid, I kick it to Truk for dinner."

BT was upset when his cousin was crying. He is so interesting to watch process info about that tiny little person. He tried to kiss it better, when that did not work, he tried to get me to fix the crying creature. He loves her tiny hands and he loves watching her face. He tries to talk to her when she cries, she is obviously not getting his message.

He is working on tooth #4, so the score is two down, 1.025 on the top, with one cranky attitude to get this tooth out. I tried to give him brown rice, but the yogurt I used to disguise it was gone and out came the unappreciated rice. Mom and I really laughed to see that little tongue get out the rice. He loves carrots and cottage cheese though. He sucks on apples and strawberries and then those come flying out too. Poached eggs are also a winner, thanks mom Tao for the recipe! Tofu is pretty well out, and black beans are still being debated. Meat of all sorts are pretty much out so far.