Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving, moving, moving, moving

Well, yippy-ki-yi-yeah! We are, God willing, moving on Saturday, February 28th. Gwen and Debera are helping with lunch afterwards. Won't this be fun? I am almost done packing and am looking forward to unpacking.

We begin our fun expedition at 9:30am and hopefully will be done within an hour or two. Here is a website to see our new place. Tomorrow we will select between 4 available apartments. Each is a slightly different set-up.

On other news we have 98 days approximately until BT arrives, yep this is coming fast! We are in week 26/40.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today I woke up worried. It is such a strange occurance. My mind was zipping around so fast and from topic to topic that I could not in my groggy state of mind keep up or even approach problem solving in a logical way. I always find that crying is a good way to release all this emotion especially in my prego condition. So now I possess a throbbing headache and puffy red eyes, but I feel ever so much better. =0)

Anyway, for breakfast I really thought I should have comfort food. I had Campbell's chicken noodle soup and grilled peanutbutter and jam. Have you ever had grilled p&j? The peanutbutter just melts in your mouth. Yummy! Thanks mom, I loved that growing up.

I wonder what your comfort food might be?

I am also fond of chocolate chip cookie dough and milk.

Steve's is noodles, all kinds and flavors.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Empty Egg carton

When I taught school I used to request that parents have their children bring in things like empty egg cartons for amazing school crafts that only imaginative little people appreciate. Like egg carton catipillars, or egg carton seashells with a pearl inside.

Well this egg carton story is nothing like that. It is evidence that terrible things happen to the brain of pregnant women. Yesterday, I got up feeling like ten miles of bad road, but I needed to get up and drop off Steve at work. He looked concerned and kept telling me to go right back to bed when I returned home, so I also must have looked like 10 miles of bad road too. But once I am up, I am up. So I stopped by the bagel getting place and got the day old bagels and went home. I decided to make a fried egg to go on my bagel. I opened the fridge, pulled out the egg carton, put it on the counter, and got my pan all ready for the big fry.

After the pan was hot, I opened up the egg carton and imagine my confusion when I saw nothing. Yep, absolutely nothing, not a single egg was in sight. What? Who would put an empty egg carton back in the fridge? Then I remembered, yesterday when closing the fridge a random egg (only one left in the carton) had flown out the door and I crushed it when I closed the door. In my haste to clean up the egg, I had forgotten about the empty egg carton. So I went to plan B. But it sure confused me for a while.

*Strike 1 for prego brain.

Later in the day, I went to the DMV, ok, not on my top favorite places to go, to exchange 1 plate for 2 plates for the car. We had recieved a ticket for not having a license plate on the front of the car. Imagine my disappointment when they told me to bring in the plate from off the car. I had the other car, so I had to zip home, unscrew the plate from the Honda and get back in line at the DMV. When I handed the receptionist my form and plates, she looked so confused.
"You want to two plates for one?" she sweetly verified.
"Yes, that is correct." I confidently assured her, with a pious long-suffering smile (my private bias being that the brightest and best do not work at the DMV, this from previous encounters).
"Well, you have here two plates stuck together." She was forcefully pry-ing the plates apart.

"You cannot be serious?" She was indeed serious as she handed the plates back to me.
"Do you still want two plates?" She asked in a pious long-suffering smile, (I think she believes the people who come to the DMV are not the brightest and the best citizens, this from previous encounters).
**Strike 2 for prego brain.

Bought a humidifier for better sleeping in this dry weather from Goodwill. Yesterday, I decided to clean it all up and make sure it was working well. Imagine my surprise when I filled it up with water and it all began leaking out the bottom. I hadn't noticed a little plug was missing when I bought it. Ugg, now that is a problem. The good news is it does work, but the bad news is the water all flows out the plugless hole.
***Strike 3 for prego brain.

Steve and I decided to have chicken soup for supper. We stopped by Vons to pick up a can of soup. I prefer old Cambells and he likes the chunky stuff. He grabbed a can with a gorgeous picture of chunky chicken soup. I thought it looked yummy too. When we got home, I opened the can of Cambells and poured it into the pan. Which I do want to put in a plug for the pop-top cans that are so easy to use now days. Great idea, whoever thought of that. Next, I opened his can to put into his pan and just started laughing when I saw it was just plain Swansons chicken broth. Not chuncky soup in the least. With my brain, I am not surprised even a little. I am coming to expect this type of thing. I just laughed and laughed. Steve was completely disgusted with the label. I threw in some noodles, veges and tofu and called it good.

****Strike 4 for prego brain.

Can you believe that they let people like me still drive? It is true. Scary, yet true, and I have credit cards. Three of them, no wonder Steve looks nervous often. I have to give him points for patience, long-suffering and loving. He is a great husband.