Monday, December 13, 2010

Yeah, I'm a Survivor!

Cold (super light) is all but gone, except for the hanging on runny nose which may last for years, I've heard.

I am so delighted in my little man. He is so charming. Yes, I know I am his mother but still... he says monkey, hoo-hoo while scratching his armpits.

I am trying to get him to say thank you politely, so I say "thank you, thank you, thank you, Mommy." Yesterday, he said so sweetly, "Thank you, Mommy". He hasn't said it since, but hope springs eternal in my heart.

His little hair cut is adorable. His eyes look so big and innocent and when he is teasing nothing twinkles brighter than his brown/gray eyes!

Where there is the smallest bit of water his feet will soon follow. He is recently enthralled by leaves. No matter what they look like, if they are crunchy, all the better. Today he frantically zipped about trying to collect all of them before the wind swept them away! He got three, but a lovely three they were.

He insists that I wear the too small fireman hat, and pretend to spray and put out all the raging fires around the place. The spittle that comes out your mouth in the process of making the sputtering sound the better.

He got some wibble wobbles and giggles and squeeles with glee when we spin them.

Last night he "helped" me cut out sugar cookies. He loved putting his finger in the dough. Made me think it is time for play dough.

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