Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, 30 yrs old, Alex

Alexandria, wow, didn't 30 years just zip past. It is so hard to believe that another 30 years and we will be in our 60s. That changes my perspective on 60.

Tavis surprised her. I met lots of fun people. One girl from Grace I had met not long ago, and happens to me my next door neighbor, literally. So glad to meet you, Jane. This is so unique in a church as large as grace to meet people to actually live near you.

It was delightful to be with kids of all ages and really nice friendly believers. I met a woman who will be praying for us to adopt some kids, Tavis' aunt Joy. Her name perfectly suited her! A newly wed couple who knew each other since pre-school and re-met while working at Starbucks, the Pastor and wife of Alex's church, and we even saw our friends from Bible Study.

Mr. 18 months is big and strong and likes to do a one arm stop the train move. He tried it on a tiny 2 year old and when adults from every couner of the room came running to check on the crying girl, he started crying in terror. I hope this is a lesson that sticks, as my little reminders and corrections have not worked so far.

Today when I was going thru my closet he saw a pack of little trucks. He really wanted them. When I said ,"No." he threw an official fit. I really wanted to give them to him, but I counseled myself to do what was best for him for the long-run.

BT was trying to sing the Alphabet song with the Alpha bug. It was really really precious! Nanna Deanna worked really hard to teach him to hug her tight, and his hugs are so dear. He hugs great! Mommy moments are worth every minute.

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