Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

Water stomping!

We had a water stomping family good time. We got our not best shoes and went out in the rain to prevent cabin fever. It was great! We splashed, splished, jumped, pounded our hands, skipped, ran and sang in the rain.

Los Angeles got more rain this week than in the last ten years. That is a lot of rain. You may have seen us on the news. Houses washed away, bridges collapsed, and something like 1500 car accidents in 18 hours. Yes, we don't do well with rain. We rarely get it.

BT and I had such fun bringing holiday treats to the neighbors. Great fun! Only 3 day to Christmas. This year we have ornaments we put on the tree one each day. Each is relating to a name of Jesus. Immanuel-God with us, and today was The Door. We also did a chocolate advent from Trader Joe's that is really fun too. Christmas is so fun with kids! Everything is delightful. He pokes the ornaments, and angels, and presents. His eyes shine with wonder as he repeats pretty much everything you say.

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